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I have hunted around the net and looked around this forum and think I now have a grip on what the various model numbers mean in the Sony Range. As someone says elsewhere on the forum, Sony UK's website is v poor, so you really need to do your homework.

Please :lease: tell me if any of the statements below is incorrect.

1) An HXDnnn has an integral Freeview tuner while an HXnnn does not

2) If there is an S on the end of the model it only means the case is silver (which I think they all are anyway)

3) As long as the letters don't change, in the series 510/710/910/1010 (if the latter exists yet) each higher spec model includes ALL of the features of the next model down i.e. to gain more storage or connections you never lose anything in return, if you gain HDMI you don't lose SCART, etc

4) Based on the above, if I want:
- an integral Freeview tuner
- progressive scan (component) output
- 160-250Gb storage
- multi-region capability
I should buy an RDR-HXD710 or RDR-HXD910 which has been modified to be multi-region

Any confirmation or correction of the above before I buy would be much appreciated.



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All your statements look true to me. The issue of price is worth thinking about. For example do you want to go for a 250hd and HDMI and pay the £200 more to get the 910 instead of the 710 (160 hd and no HDMI)?
My own view is that Sony are overpricing the 910 for what is only a connection and a larger hd. Whilst these are both good to have are they really worth £200?
It depends on your need to keep stoff on the hd and if you want to connect via hdmi.
According to various forum threads there seems little difference in quality between HDMI output and component output although it is worth thinking of future proofing (if there is such a thing!).
The other issue with HDMI output seems to be that copywright protection methods look as though they will be geared to it and that component output may not have it.
The upcoming Sky HD box seems likely to have component initially and HDMI later with copywrite protection operating on the HDMI.
Like you I'm about to chose so I'm watching prices.

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