Checking pixel aspect ratio of video?

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How can I check the 'pixel aspect ratio' of a video file (it needs to be 1.067). If it is not this, how can I change it to 1.067?


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Firstly I advise not to get too worried about specific PARs. This gets calculated in different ways by different editing apps. 1.067 is the PAR used by Adobe and others for 4:3 PAL DV. Vegas uses 1.0926 for this. The difference has to do with calculating this on the visable viewing area (of a 720x576 frame generally only 704x576 is viewable). Also note that 4:3 isn't actually 4:3, it is 4.090909...:3

What is important is that the settings in the editor match the material. So as long as Premiere is configured for 4:3 PAL DV, you will get the right aspect ratio (which with Premiere happens to be 1.067). If you use Vegas it will be 1.0926.

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