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Check Your Teac! ...For Mutes On One BBC DAB Service When Another Switches Bitrate


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Proven problems with the recently introduced Teac DR-H300DAB DVD receiver include:

...listening on phones (hum, buzz, clicks);
...listening to CDs (clipped starts to some tracks);
...(of special interest to readers of this forum) listening to BBC Radio on DAB (non-random muting):

If you already have this unit I would recommend familiarising yourself with these issues now to avoid possible confusion, trouble and generally wasted time later. I'm happy to clarify and provide guidance if needed.

I still have my unit however as it is a real smasher in lots of ways despite these 'schoolboy howlers' - I mean, hum and buzz on a piece of modern kit built around digital sources, really!!

I’ve had my DR-H300DAB since early Oct 07 and while it’s a neat, compact, multi-purpose unit there are these surprising problems with the design. My findings are based on the unit I purchased, a second loan unit I had for a few weeks and a third I’ve had access to at the local Richer Sounds shop.

I’ve not used the DVD playback function much so far - the unit’s been used mostly as a replacement for a hifi separates setup - but the DR-H300DAB also has issues here too, according to other postings.

Here are the details about the (non-random, I would stress) muting problem when listening to a BBC DAB service:

I’ve had DAB for a few years now (Pure Evoke-1, VideoLogic DRX-601E, Philips DA1000/05) and have become used to a ‘splat’ or momentary mute when listening to Radio 4 when it switches bitrate - which it does regularly around secondary services programmes, such as Yesterday in Parliament, to free-up or recover bitrate capacity in the BBC National DAB multiplex. This shouldn't happen but, I guess, is understandable and some designs are much better than others. The BBC usually time the switches to coincide with the pips to allow for such receiver hiccups - but not always; there's usually a switch at 09:44:30 on a weekday (add a couple of seconds for the DAB delay). What’s interesting about the DR-H300DAB is that if you happen to be listening to Radio 2, say, (on the same multiplex) it will mute for anything from a second to five seconds in sympathy. Teac have been advised about this. Their response in a follow-up phone call to a somewhat fractious service manager, was that I should ‘get a life’, so they are being quite aggressive in their defence of this product's many problems (which they refuse to acknowledge).

Despite their arrogance I've said if they acknowledge and address these issues in the next generation product I'll be the first to buy it.

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