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Check signal...which box and aerial?


Standard Member
Hello guys, hows it going?

I am looking to buy a freeview box but noticed some of you can check signal using postcodes so I thought i would check to see the best plan of action.

Can someone check SA34 0AA signal strength for me please? And then advice me of which box/ aerial to go for?!

We have an outdoor aerial but it comes into the house downstairs into the lounge...so I think that is out of the question...unles there is a way of me getting that upstairs somehow? If not, i guess its the dreaded indoor aerial?! Anyway, any advice on what to do is greatly appriciated.



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What is a group B aerial? If that is the outdoor one then there is no way of me connecting it to my upstairs bedroom from my downstairs lounge :thumbsdow

what about a digibox, I have a digifusion on before but it kept crashing? Any other one should be fine shouldnt it?


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I don't really understand your question. You should get your aerial connected to the required viewing room with double-shielded cable. The only other possibility is to put the Freeview receiver in the room with the aerial connection and use a videosender (with remote extender facility) to get the programmes into a different room.


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I dont understand you either! haha! Too technical! :oops:

We have one main "normal" aerial on the roof. That is for my main TV downstairs. The is no way I can use that as its just too far to run aerial cabeling to my room.

So I have to get my own aerial for my bedroom. Which is kinda gay because I have no window facing towards where my signal comes from (North).

I have an indoor aerial at the moment, a 36db one...but all I get is 8 channels! Ahhhh! LOL.

Will using one of these indoors improve things?


Thanks alot.


Staff member
Probably not. You need a clear line of sight to the transmitter to get anything like good reception, unless you are in an unusually strong signal area.


1: The best option is to do it right. Get an aerial man in to install you an outside aerial for your TV.

2: See 1.

3: OK........failing that, Sam suggests you place a Freeview box downstairs where the existing aerial enters the house. And then buy a VideoSender to transmit the signal to your TV upstairs. A VideoSender plugs into a video source (like a Freeview box) and transmits the signal to a receiver that you put near your TV and connect to the TV with a cable. They transmit remote-control signals in the reverse direction (from your room down to the Freeview box, so you can change channels).

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