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hi people

could i just take your time to check through this list for me building a tower, first timer so go easy on me lol

Ive checked over that things are compatible with other products, just want to know if ive missed anything

I dont need a sound card, operating system or monitor so think its right

Sorry for the size i can just write a list if yous cant see


cheers guys
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Few things for that build I would change personally. I presume that it is for casual gaming?

No point in getting an AMD Phenom XII 965 over the 955 or even better if budget can stretch, get an Intel Sandybridge based system.

The GTS 450 is a fairly weak graphics card. You can get much better than that for the money.

Why such a high end cooler? Will you be overclocking?

Why 2 PSUs - the case comes with a 450W PSU too?? Also both are pretty cheap ones - I'd go for a decent branded one to be honest. (Although I did read IIRC that OCZ are the OEMs for Novatech?)

Why 8GB of RAM?

What is this system for? What resolution of monitor will you be gaming at? Total budget? Do you already have an OS?

As you said, unless you have a high quality headset or 5.1 speakers, a dedicated sound card would be wasted.


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Thanks for the reply

Yes I kinda do gaming but not over the top about it

I've now changed the graphics card as I already have a DVD drive so gives me more budget

The psu I did think it was overkill but I might be adding to it I used a pus calculator online and said I should be using 550w so probe is still a bit much but maybe future proof

I'll look into the CPU again

As for cooler for CPU I have a dell xps m1730 which overheats even with a Zalman laptop cooler I've just paid 200 for a graphics card as it's the third time now so time to get rid of it, I do plan over clocking too and tbh I guess it's just me having bad experiences with overheating that along with a small room so not exactly the coolest place as it heats up quick with the electronics in there lol

As for memory isn't bigger better?

The screen is a tv 32 inch philips

I'll have about 700 for a budget so id appreciate some suggestions if ya want a challenge

And yes I have a windows 7 64 bit os


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