Check out my Rocket !


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My Rocket UFW-10 maple sub finally arrived this morning.

I have posted some pics here:

Intial impressions are great, it looks fantastic, a real piece of AV furniture. Even the misses loves the look !!

Only had time to quickly test it worked. With no calibration at all the pod race scene sounded great.

I'll try and post some more feedback later.




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Great looking sub,I should imagine the gloves are to stop finger marks when handling it.If it performs as good as it looks i should think quite a few people will be looking at buying one,How much did it cost overall if you dont mind me asking.
Cheers Gonzo.


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The 240v UK subs are sill in beta and for taking part I got a discount on the price.

I ended up paying under £400 ( inc shipping and VAT ) . I suspect once the beta ends the total cost will be nearer £500 this but you might want to check with [email protected]




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Very smart looking sub but more importantly what does it sound like??? :devil:


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Pics are a bit big mate !!

looks good though. So you're using a transformer ?


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It's got's a UK power supply so no need for a transformer.

Overall I am very happy with the sound, previously I had a tannoy MSUB10 which was rubbish in comparison.

I did some frequency tests and it goes down to about 25hz before dropping off rapidly but it still manages to make my 5mx4m room shake with ease !

Fot it's size I doubt there is much better.


AV123 not only provides white gloves but white covers for all of their transducing systems as well...and also with their speaker raisers!
Those freebies sure help keeping things real neat and free of finger prints and the like. Great company to deal with too!... :thumbsup:


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