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My LG TV was working fine and the internet was working. I went on a 3 day trip and came back and it now says 'Check Network Connection'

The internet works fine on my laptop and other devices. When I go into the WiFi options, it shows a loading indicator by my network.

I click on another internet connection, then go back (so it doesn't show the loading indicator) and I enter the password correctly and click 'Connect' and it says this:

Unknown issue has occurred.
Please check the status and try again.

I can't do anything (like watch YouTube, browse the web, etc)
I sometimes leave it on the loading indicator for 5-10 min and it doesn't do anything. Please help..


Error Code: -137


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Try rebooting the router as well and a factory reset of the TV.

if that fails try an ethernet cable to the TV and see if that works, if it does then at least you have some kind of workaround via powerline or ethernet to WiFi adapter.


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What about clearing the configuration and entering it afresh? Something like a router firmware upgrade could have caused this. Have you checked the router's config.? Is the LG TV listed? If so, delete it and start again.

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