Check GamePlay Discounts Before Committing


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I've just tried to buy something from Gameplay using a £5 discount code.

The code is accepted in the basket and price is reduced to show that £5 has been taken off the price.

When I went through to checkout I was just about to hit confirm when I noticed that the price was no longer discounted. I then noticed a message saying that code was no longer valid.

So no harm done and there was a warning, just a bit odd that the discount was accepted without issue and then removed at the last moment.



P.S. Looks like the code only works for the first order. I created another account and it worked fine.


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No irony I'm afraid.

I was logged in when I was adding to the basket.

I didn't have to log in again when I went to checkout.

The discount code is accepted at the basket (even though I was logged in) but removed when I went to checkout.

Anyway - all sorted now.




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It was just the fact you were complaining that you were not allowed to use a code that you were not supposed to use anyway.

Then you went on to say that you managed to defraud their system checks anyway by opening up another account.

So your basically posting here to warn others to be careful when trying to defraud Gameplay and then suggesting another way to do it and having a moan at them for making it so difficult for you to do so :clap:

Quite ironic don't you think.

I guess the code would have worked first time had you not have used it already and therefore been no reason to moan at them.


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When I originally posted I didn't realise that I wasn't entitled to use the code - and I have never used that particular code before.

I posted with a warning that I used a code that I thought I was entitled to use and which was initially accepted when I was logged in. It was then only at the final stage of the process that it was removed. I almost hit 'confirm' without spotting that it had been removed and was just warning others not to make the same mistake.

Just over an hour later I realised what had happened and so added the Post Script to explain.

The second account that was created was in my wife's name, with her address and her eMail. Gameplay accepted her as a new customer and let her use the discount code.

I can understand why you might think that she has defrauded Gameplay but I'm not sure they will want to cancel her order and return her money.

It really was a simple warning that a discount code had been initially been accepted but then removed right at the end - I almost didn't spot it and wanted to alert others - simple as that - just trying to be helpful - it wasn't a moan.




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I had something similar using a £5 discount code for COD4 with Gameplay.

My order went through fine and I received the conformation email, then the next day I received an email saying there had been a problem with the transaction and I had to call them to sort it out which I duly did.

I was told there was a technical glitch in the site and they would have to put it through again but at the full price (without the code). So I checked the site myself and tried the £5 code again which had stopped working, I can only assume they didn't want the code used.

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