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I'm about to buy a receiver for a friend of mine, and was hoping for some advice.

It will need to power Kef Q55's as front mains, Q95c centre & Q60s surrounds. He will not have a sub.

The budget is really £150 but I can push that to £170 inc delivery at most.

So far, I've shortlisted:

Pioneer VSX-C301 @ £160 from RS (anyone know how much delivery would be, I couldn't find it on the site)
Pioneer VSXD512S @ £148 delivered from empire direct
Sony STRDE585 @ £150 delivered from Superfi

Of these, the Pioneer 301 seems to be perfect. The slimline size would be useful for him, although not essential. The only real requirement s my mate has got are that it must be silver/titanium and must have PLII. Will this tiny little box really have enough guts to drive the Q55's though?

Any other suggestions or opinions gratefully received.



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Originally posted by Noodle
Will this tiny little box really have enough guts to drive the Q55's though?
Just barely I would have thought. Those speakers deserve/need more welly IMO. How about the Yamaha HTR5630 Silver from RS at £150?


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That's kind of what I was expecting, but will the Yamaha really be any better? It's only rated at 60wpc.


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How about a Denon AVR1603 from here? Only £150 :smashin:

DTS discrete 5.1 and Dolby Digital with Power Amps for 5 Channels

Fully discrete, balanced five channels - 5 x 70w

4 composite and 3 S Video inputs

2 composite and 2 S Video outputs

Dobly Digital, Dolby Pro logic 11, DTS

5 channel sound from stereo source

Front A/B Speaker terminals

FM/AM Tuner - 40 presets

WHD 434 x 147 x 417 - 10.4kg

Just realised that black is a no-no for your mate :suicide:


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Cheers anyway mate. I only discounted this because of the colour.

Any other suggestions?

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