Cheapo DVD Recorder with DivX?


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Firstly - Hello - been lurking awhile but I can't find what I'm needing so I have to ask - sorry!

Need a DVD Recorder to complement my new Sky+ box - it's only purpose will be to dump material from Sky+ to discs for later use - and to playback rented/owned DVDs of course.

It is VERY important that the discs it records will playback on any DVD player tho - partly cos I know the damned thing won't last all that long and I don't want to be left with a stack of discs which don't play on anything else :)

I would also be nice if it played DivX discs as that means I can dump my old DVD (which plays DivX but has long-since given up playing DVDs for some reason!!)

Budget is tight - £120 is the max really - would like under £100 if poss - and high street preferrable to mailorder as I've had some nasty experiences with mail order of late.

I looked at some Liteon models in Currys - but the Net suggests they write discs few other players can deal with.

There's a Phillips model in Asda, Currys, Woolies etc. which appears OK but it's slightly over budget.

Am I right to avoid the Liteons?

Any other places/models I could consider.

I've seen the nice Pannys in Richer Sounds - but no DivX...


p.s, No reqs for HDTV - just a 28" 'tube' here - no need for DV or any of that...


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Do you need Freeview?

If not, how about the Samsung HR-730?

No need for Freeview - reception here is laughable hence Sky...

That Samsung is an HDD player I think?

As I have Sky+ I don't really see a need for an HDD recorder - wel TWO HDD recorders - that said, it seems there are fewer and fewer non HDD models around...

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