Cheapest way to Sky + ?


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Hi, I am going to order Sky +, i am currently a normal Sky subsciber with the normal family pack £19.50. So, what is the cheapest way for me to get Sky +, do i have to have the movie world subscription at £34 or sport at £33 or can i have some kind of cheaper package thats not so obvious ? I realise i can just stick with my package and pay £29.50 but seems a bit silly really. Thanks in advance.


Well for me, I "upgraded" to the movie pack as my little one is at that point where Disney is keeping him entertained and also it gives me something to watch when he wakes me up during the night!!


Sky movies 2 + sky sprorts 1 OR sky sports 2

Its not advertised on SKY web site, but that package costs £29pm, and have two premium channels,, this no £10 monthly fee
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