Cheapest way to get Sky TV (newbie alert)


I’ve searched the FAQ’s but with limited success. I’ve finally succumbed to the desire for Sky TV (can’t get DTT, weak signal) but I’m looking for the cheapest way to do it. I don’t want the Premiership (QPR supporter, so won’t be seeing the Premiership for a while :( ) or the movie channels (wife says I watch too much as it is) just the free channels or maybe the cheapest package if it works out better in the long run. I say that because I saw this in a thread:..”subscribe full Sky World 1st month, reduce to £10 minimum 2nd month onwards until 12 month contract fulfilled then cancel subscription altogether, you keep the box and dish and use Free To Air”. That sounds like the sort of thing I’m looking for but are there any others options?

I see a lot of talk about different digiboxes but I was under the impression you got what you were given, so can you specify a certain digibox or just bin the free one and go buy a decent one?

Is it possible to install Sky yourself if you buy the equipment second hand? I ask this as my dad’s just bought a second hand system for his caravan for when he’s abroad. What would a self-install entail? (equipment?)

What about foreign channels? If I wanted to watch a Premiership game on German TV (for example) is that possible?

My wife’s Spanish so Spanish channels would be nice

So in a nutshell, what would be the cheapest way to get the Sky Digital free channels (foreign channels optional).

Many thanks


A few details. (I'm sure more will be along shortly)

Unless the installer is open to "gifts", you're pretty much stuck with the digibox you get when you install from Sky. You could always buy your own box then get the dish installed, but then you have to pay for the box up front. (Sky is also sticky about installing dishes with pre-bought boxes, so you might have to use an independent installer in this case)

I've also heard that Sky is much less tolerant of people downgrading their subscription before their 12 month contract is up, so you may want to do some further research on this. (or run the risk of getting stuck with Sky World for a year)

In fact, I downgraded my subscription in Month 10 of my contract. When I said I wanted to downgrade, the operator said, "Actually, sir... (as if to tell me I couldn't) (then) ...oh, ok that's fine." (maybe they've been told to give you grief if it's in the first 6 months or so) I've heard some people say that they will flat out refuse to downgrade you, so they might have changed the wording of the contract in recent months. Either that, or you may just have to kick up a fuss.

With Sky, your choice of foreign channels is seriously limited. There's almost nothing on the EPG, and just a scant few that you can add via the "Add Channels" menu. (a few Czech channels and TV5 Europe has recently been added)


Oh poo, So that's three steps backwards and...that's it. So bad old analogue (with all its foreign channels) gets the boot in favour of Digital (costs a fortune and no/limited foreign channels). Isn’t progress wonderful.

How difficult is it to install a minidish? has anyone done it?


You may want to look at getting a larger, non-Sky dish. With the right dish, you can apparently get quite a wide variety of foreign channels, depending on your location. Not sure about the cost, though.


Is this for digital or analogue?
Any idea the size I should be looking for?
Does this mean someone electricaly minded can install it? (like good old dad)



....a couple of things.

My first question was "how to get Sky TV as cheap as possible".

The answer?

"Buy a second hand digibox and dish and fit them yourself!"

I'm surprised nobody here has suggested this because this as what my Dad has just done. He bought a digibox of Ebay and a dish from a local scrap metal dealer, he looked at the neighbour’s dishes and pointed his in the same direction, bingo! He has Sky TV free to air channels for a one off cost of £100.

Now before I go out and do the same, can someone tell me where the flaw is in this way of doing it because I'm sure my old man isn't the first person to do this so why isn't everyone else?

Just to clear up the point I made earlier about the £10 supply and installation fee and then to down grade your package for the rest of the year, well I had a reply from Sky to confirm this was the case so if anyone wants the security of a Sky install and doesn't want all the channels and to get it as cheap as possible, that's the way to go.



Hi - I was just reading the thread as i want sky too - is everyone sure that i can definitely get the sky world package for the first month and then downgrade to a lower priced package for the second month onwards, therefore getting a cheaper installation?




Reply from Sky

"Dear Gary

Thank you for your email about our 10.00 (GBP) standard installation offer.

I am happy to learn of your interest in Sky and welcome this opportunity to answer your questions about ways to subscribe.

The offer requires subscription to Sky digital for at least 12 months and the connection of your telephone line to the digibox. The only other requirement of this offer is that you choose the Sky World viewing package at 37.00 (GBP) per month.

Should you wish to change this, we can offer an alternative viewing package after a full month has elapsed, I can confirm that they will not be an extra charge for changing your Sky package. You can do this by calling our customer service team on 08702 40 40 40. One of the team will be happy to offer assistance and advice about the alternative viewing packages available.

I trust that this information assists with your enquiry and look forward to welcoming you to Sky digital.

Kind regards

Lisa Quin
Customer Care Department"


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