Cheapest way to convert SDI to DVI/HDMI?


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Ok need some advice, looking at getting my first SDI modded DVD player but I don't want to spend a vast amount on a seperate video processor/scaler as my amp and display will already do a reasonable job via HDMI. (I know the dedicated processor would be better but it's not in the budget and the player doesn't exist with HDMI, it's a SDI modded 400 dvd changer)

What is the best/cheapest way (under £500 or lower if possible) that I can simply convert the SDI output to a DVI or HDMI output. I don't need any processing done and simply want 575i 50Hz and 480i 60HZ (SD PAL/NTSC) inputs output as SD PAL/NTSC but via a DVI or HDMI plug so I can connect to my amp or display and let them do the scaling and deinterlacing.

If good scaling or processing is included within the £500 price tag then that's fine as well.

Any advice product recomendations appreciated, thanks.:lease:


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You should be able to pick up an Iscan HD/ HD+ and an SDI module for that price - SDI isn't afflicted with HDCP so the HD is the best bet price wise.


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Lumagen will be producing a "low cost" SDI->HDMI converter do sit alongside the Radiance in Q1 (January?) next year.


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There's a surprising number of SDI - DVI convertors come to the market recently, many of which appear to be clones of eachother. These include Key Digital, Gefen, Doremi, Black Diamond, AJA, Shootview, Blue Fish and eCinema. I would encourage anyone who's interested in this sort of thing to consider the Gefen HD SDI to DVI scaler. I put my VantageHD up against MadMrH's Gefen a few days ago, and I'd say the Gefen had the edge, so I was very impressed. The Gefen is that tiny box on top, but it packs a top-spec processor punch.




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Andy what screen do you have? THis could be a big waste of time. If the SDI is going to be converted back to HDMI again just for a regular display to process why not just get a DVD player that does interlaced HDMI output? Wouldn't be any different. Secondly, are you sure the TV is a better processor than the DVD player? Doing 576p out from HDMI and have the TV scale (with a decent DVD player) will probably be better. Finally does your TV even accept 576i HDMI??? I would take the advice of using a 2nd hand HD+ or something rather than trying to run it direct to the screen. Otherwise you really are not getting the merits of an SDI output at all

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HD SDI to DVI the Gefen is £700.00 BRAND NEW...........

I have not to date found a cheaper unit .

I can tell you I have run mine for over a minth now,

Out of the box working in seconds, VERY impressed.
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