Cheapest Sky Plus Route?


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I have had NTL for the last four years but I am wanting to go down the Sky Plus route when I move into my new house.
The best deal I have seen is £199 for the Sky + package plus £1 installation.
I didn't realize there would be as much as £199 to pay, I take it this is for the box purchase.
Are there any cheaper offers/routes that anyone is aware of?
I have seen some Sky + boxes going for around £150 on EBay, don't know if this would be a good idea or not.


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Yes the £199 is the cost of the box, SKY hardware is either given too or bought by the subscriber not loaned like NTL or TW do.
Good and bad points, the hardware can be sold if you ever cancel the subscription but it only carries the usual 12 month warranty.

Worth noting that I paid £300 for my SKY+, as for all consumer electronics prices tend to fall overtime:)

It's ok buying SKY+ from another source but you would still need a dish, the Quad LNB and cabling etc and then how reliable is the warranty for the hardware and the installation?
There are also three models of SKY+, the first was discontinued a year ago and that leaves two current models and there are plenty of used units floating around.

You could take a look at the various package deals on the SKY website, the standard digibox is free and only £1 install and then buy a SKY+ from elsewhere and arrange installation independent of SKY, just make sure it comes with the Quad LNB. SKY+ requires two connections to the dish unlike the standard digibox that only requires one connection so it's not as simple as swapping one digibox for a SKY+ box.


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It's cheap at that, I doubt you'll regret it. See the post (some where on here). Most owners are happy & many will have paid more than £200. Unless you're a keen DIYer the boxes may be cheap, but with the fitting & bits (lnb cable etc) & then paying someone else to fit it, I don't think £200 is bad.


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There are a few on Ebay but as said you have to buy all the dish and stuff and you obviously need to be careful who you buy from but if you get a good seller then you'll be fine.:smashin:

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