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Im currently in the market for a new house with my partner, but with my current cinema equipment going in the lounge, I need to replace it all for the games room, where I'll probably be spending most of my time (apart from work of course).

The only problem is, I don't want to spend the amount I did on my last set up. I think I spent well over £1800 on it. I'll mainly be using this 'cheap' set up for gaming and the odd film along with Music from the PC. So pretty much everything.

I want to have separates rather than the packages you get, purely because of the quality difference and the full range of things you can do with say, an av receiver that you wouldn't be able to do with a package system.

Im not fussed with having a surround set up at the moment. Just a good stereo set up will do as I want to keep costs down as much as possible.

Current chosen set up;

Receiver - Onkyo TXSR309 £129
Ive picked this receiver because it's the cheapest I've found that will handle 'DTS-HD Master' decoding and 3D just for the future upgrades. I have the 608 receiver for my dedicated cinema set up and I love it. So this receiver I think is a safe bet.

Front speakers - Cambridge Audio S20's
I've chosen these purely because of price, I've not listened to them at all, but its kinda give me an idea of what kind of price range im looking for on speakers. I will be sampling speakers in the year, so until then I've chosen these.

Subwoofer - No idea!
I have no idea on what to get for such a set up or price range for the sub. I currently use the BK Elec 200 model, and it's absolutely amazing. But something of that quality is totally out of my price range this time :(
I'm hoping for some of you knowledgeable people to point me in the right direction for the best 'bang for buck' subwoofer on the market at the moment. I could really do with some help on this one :D


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