Cheapest place to get Kef Eggs?



yep that is the cheapest place you will get them (in silver only),

if you wanted balck then IKON AV (£620)

Jack Ryan

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Confused, says £625 on the site?

What's the Ikon av website address, anyone? Or how do I get in touch with them?



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Im looking at Kef Eggs as well were can you buy for £599?
Also when i had a demop I thought they were a little lacking in bass what could I do about this???:confused:


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Originally posted by jag
Get a sub :D

Okay - I'm new to all this but the Kef eggs already have a sub any suggestions on adding another? I may as well come clean I am totally confused by the whole thing But I have A Tosh SD220 and am thinking of the following set up TV Phillips 32" 9527 Kef Eggs and either Yamaha 630 or Denon 1803 I have heard the Kefs demo'd and thought they could do with a bit bit more oomph any other speaker suggestions welcome -in fact any advice on any of it welcome. :eek:

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