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Cheapest place to get an Ipod mini?


Established Member
Anyone know of any deals or special offers on Ipod mini's at the moment? £165-£170 is about the best I can find, but that's still a bit steep.

Help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation :smashin:


In the UK, an iPod mini is available at John Lewis department stores for £125. Have you considered a Zen micro?


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Yea i think John lewis is best price though out of stock at the moment you do find them on ebay at good prices for new.
Theres always the free ipod site where you have to sign up to 2 offers and get 5 friends to sign up 2 of which have do the 2 offers aswell it is supposed to be genuine aswell :rolleyes:
*Resists temptation of posting referal link* :rolleyes:


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You can purchase the latest version of the ipod mini (4gb) for £139 free delivery and free laser engraving and upto 18 hours battery life ipod here


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Throttle said:
Being a bit of a ipod noob :blush: how do you know the difference :confused:

The price....!?

The John Lewis website quotes 8 hours battery life - that's the old Ipod Mini's specs...


i got one from jon lewis its the old one but so what these were £169 last month and soon enough the new ones will be out of date!


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If the best you can find is £165 - £170 then you really have'nt been looking have you!. Go on admit it, you just took the price for the old model and thought you would get us lot to do your price checking for ya lol.

Why would you buy one of the old ones?. £125 you say?, well when you can buy the 18hr model for another £14 it's a strange choice. If it was a hundred then maybe but not 125?!?.

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