Cheapest place to buy DV tapes




I need to do some filming abroad for around one week, eight hours or so a day, so I need some 40 or so Mini-DV tapes. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get these cheaply? I'd prefer the Panasonic Linear Plus or Panasonic Super Linear Plus tapes.

Any suggestions on the cheapeast place to buy DV tapes? Thanks.

Kind Regards,
Shane Cook.
I was looking for cheap good quality DV tapes for my camcorder and of all the places I searched Panasonic were amongst the cheapest. I purchased a pack of 5 tapes that were delivered within 48 Hours of placing the order. Very efficient and very competitive. Panasonic also sent me 2 emails to acknowledge my order and to confirm it had been despatched. What more could you want. I will definitely buy from Panasonic again!

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