Cheapest place to buy B&W 600 series online?


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Hi all,

I am after a pair of 600 s3's in Sorrento and no transport whatsoever so would like to order them online if possible.

The problem is B&W's price-fix which limits opportunities for discount. I have tried my local Sevenoaks over the phone and I got one one of "them"... "Why would we want to discount perfectly good speakers?! Nenenenene...". :rolleyes:

Is there any store that can be relied upon consistently for a modest discount either online or by phone?




You won't find any online prices for B&W, so far as I know they disapprove very strongly of any dealer selling their speakers over the internet.

As for discounts, normally a good dealer (including Sevenoaks if you get the right member of staff) will discount the packages slightly, or through in some useful extras for free.

Sorry if this doesn't help, unfortunately it's the way things are.


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I remember fishing for 601/LCR60s a while back (ended up with some s3's second hand from these forums) and I got the impression that was the case, thanks. :)

It's such a shame because they are awesome speakers and often the only thing that prevents them from being a no-brainer choice in their class (after a demo) is the price-fix. I guess it's all about maintaining brand image etc.

It's a shame about Sevenoaks - I may try other branches because I have had good experiences with them in the past. Anyway, I was quoted £199 delivered from SuperFi which sounds pretty good. I'll go with that unless I can wangle it down elsewhere.



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Same as Acoustic Energy....

Anyone want to guess how much the dealers buy a pair of £350 Evo 3's for?

It's the whole ridiculous UK trading laws :(


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Originally posted by EvilMudge
You won't find any online prices for B&W, so far as I know they disapprove very strongly of any dealer selling their speakers over the internet.

I once tried getting 7oaks to lower their price but their response was "we don't want to lose our dealership with B&W" so you can blame B&W for the prices not the shops.


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Ok, I tried SuperFi and wangled a pair of 600s plus Atacama Nexus 6 stands for £230. Happy with that. :)




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I've always bought my B&W speakers from Superfi.
From the 600 Series 1 to the Series 3 I currently own, paying up front has always meant I've managed to get a 15% - 20% discount.
I always check the competition first (7oaks and Practical Hi-Fi), but they never come close.
BTW, the staff at the Superfi stores in Manchester and Stockport are brilliant.


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Glad to hear the Manchester SuperFi store get a thumbs up. I really appreciate good staff and really get annoyed with annoying salesmen, like those who inhabit a certain (nameless) store across the road. I shall call in on these guys... anyone else miss The Hifi Room?

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