Cheapest place 8800gt 512mb ddr3

Cy Berman

Dear Zain

Apart from Ebay, Try Eclipse, Eclipse Computers - Products

but 8800's seem to be getting more difficult to find these days.
Don't forget the 9800 is virtually the same card with the new Hybrid gpu features.

I'm trying to find a couple of 8800GTS.

Just before christmas Ebuyer had some PNY 8800 GTS for £90. I saw the offer on a Saturday night but wasn't sure if it was the right model 'cos the picture showed the packet for a GS. So I didn't buy, and phoned up on Monday to check the details. The cards were pukka, they said. Unfortunately the offer only held until the Sunday night, and no matter how much I pleaded with them they wouldn't sell at that price. Now I can't find a GTS for less than about £200.

"Life, don't talk to me about life, and me with this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side."

luv Cy

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