Cheapest MJ Pro50 Sub + QED Cable?



Sorry to be posting such a cheapskate thread but what is the cheapest price/place I could pick up a MJ Acoustics Pro 50 Sub?
Black colour is fine.

Also, I'm after some QED Silver Anniversary cable, the cheapest I've seen is £4.50/Metre, can anyone beat this price?

I'm also thinking of getting this sub (wanted something bigger & better, but the wife wouldn't let me :mad: ).

I'm told Hi-Fi Junkies do it for £299, but ideally wanted to try it before buying. Think Sevenoaks Hi-Fi and Audio-T stock it, but not sure at what price.

Might even go the DIY route...
You can get SA cable from for £4 per metre (I think). Not sure about the sub - might be worth contacting hifijunkies just to see if they can improve on that price. I always think it's a bit of a rip off when internet dealers charge the same price as specialist stores, where you can go and audition equipment. If they won't improve on that price, then go to somewhere like Sevenoaks for a demo.

Alternatively, you could do what I have done, and order a Velodyne CHT-10 on powerbuy from Uncle Eric!;)

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