Cheapest Hitachi Plasma yet!


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Check out the news page peeps.

I don't get excited with 32in Plasmas at this price (possibly £2000 discounted),as I've got a 32in CRT TV.

I would get more excited if it was a 36in/37in and definately a 42in Plasma.

Are Hitachi bringing one of these out at a bargain price,or is any one else in the near future and how much lower in price are these likely to get?


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I think it is inevitable that prices will continue to fall. The price of a dinosaur CRT TV is still falling in real terms, and has been doing so ever since they first came out.

The first Sony CTV, a 14 inch item, retailed at GBP360 at a time when average earnings were less than a tenth of what they are today. Work it out. A 14 inch CTV for the equivalent of over £3k? Well, yes - that IS what they cost.

The 32 in Hitachi is already available in a 'never knowingly oversold' high st store for half what it cost 15 months ago.

So - my guess is that within 5 years (or maybe less), flat panels (which may be LCD or Plasma) will be on sale for the same amount as you pay for a dinosaur today. And there will be something newer, better that is just beyond most peoples' reach (LED?) and people will be asking whether or not it is going to fall in price..........


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I recently read a report on the future of plasmas and to cut a very long (and boring) story very short (and not so boring) i've posted a few of the forecasted figures:

UK total demand in units:

2002 expected to reach 36,800
2004/5 will break the 300,000 mark
2006 will just reach 500,000 units!!!

UK market growth:

2002 40%
2003 105%
2004 116%
2005 121%

Forecasted Plasma scren prices:

2004 - 37" below £2000
42" just over £2000
50" between £3000 and £4000
60" plummets to around £6000

2005 - 32" street price around £1500
42" below £2000
50" almost at £3000
60" still falling to around £5000

2006 - 32" and 37" around £1500
42" still below £2000
50" below £3000
60" below £4000

food for thought........


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A question I was wanting to ask, since the number of plasma specialist retailers seems to be on the increase.. how many people already have plasma screens as in the home user?

Hoe many units do youshift a month?


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