Cheapest and quickest way to buy Bioshock(360)?


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Littlewoods Direct seems it's going to take ages to come, Virgin have no more Steel tin ones... and I really want this game sooner rather then later, but won't go over £28-30 unless it's the steel tin edition, Ebay seems to be doing them for £28 cheapest.

Whats the cheapest and quickest I can get it for the 360?



Cheapest = probably sticking with your Littlewoods order or playasia or similar if it's region free but it's a few weeks until that's released
Quickest = go to a store tomorrow morning and get one

Don't see much chance of getting the steel tin one for £30 or under unless someone's selling on fleabay, and that's probably excluding postage costs.


Virgin have just taken an order from me for a Steel Tin one no problems via the site @ £34 :rolleyes:

Apparently Blockbuster have them @ £34.95 highstreet and web price for the std version if you can wait till tomorrow I would put an order in with Virgin

Those who ordered with Play and got the Faceplate good on you they are fetching £££ on eBay right now


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I ordered through Virgin on Tuesday, with the code given on another thread, and paid £30.60 delivered for the Limited Edition Tin. It has just arrived:clap:


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I did some comparisons when I was looking to pre-order Bioshock:

shopto = £32.99 - 4% quidco = 31.67
Game = £39.99 -£5 sunnerfun code - 11% quidco = 31.14
softuk = £34.99 - 15% code - 4% quidco = 28.55
asda = £34.97 - 10% ent10 code - 3% quidco = 30.52

Not sure how quick the deliveries will be though for ASDA and SoftUK as I have never used them, the other two tend to be quick enough though


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Blockbusters, got the tin and face plate for 34.99

ebay face plate (around 15 notes)
complete game sell to CEX for 33quid

Profit :eek: 13quid ish


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I went into blockbusters lunchtime and picked up bioshock (tin edition) and a free faceplate for £34.99 :clap:

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