Cheapest and quickest way to buy Bioshock(360)?


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Nov 26, 2006
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Littlewoods Direct seems it's going to take ages to come, Virgin have no more Steel tin ones... and I really want this game sooner rather then later, but won't go over £28-30 unless it's the steel tin edition, Ebay seems to be doing them for £28 cheapest.

Whats the cheapest and quickest I can get it for the 360?

Cheapest = probably sticking with your Littlewoods order or playasia or similar if it's region free but it's a few weeks until that's released
Quickest = go to a store tomorrow morning and get one

Don't see much chance of getting the steel tin one for £30 or under unless someone's selling on fleabay, and that's probably excluding postage costs.
Virgin have just taken an order from me for a Steel Tin one no problems via the site @ £34 :rolleyes:

Apparently Blockbuster have them @ £34.95 highstreet and web price for the std version if you can wait till tomorrow I would put an order in with Virgin

Those who ordered with Play and got the Faceplate good on you they are fetching £££ on eBay right now
Blockbuster will be selling it with a faceplate as well for £34.99.
I ordered through Virgin on Tuesday, with the code given on another thread, and paid £30.60 delivered for the Limited Edition Tin. It has just arrived:clap:
I did some comparisons when I was looking to pre-order Bioshock:

shopto = £32.99 - 4% quidco = 31.67
Game = £39.99 -£5 sunnerfun code - 11% quidco = 31.14
softuk = £34.99 - 15% code - 4% quidco = 28.55
asda = £34.97 - 10% ent10 code - 3% quidco = 30.52

Not sure how quick the deliveries will be though for ASDA and SoftUK as I have never used them, the other two tend to be quick enough though
Blockbusters, got the tin and face plate for 34.99

ebay face plate (around 15 notes)
complete game sell to CEX for 33quid

Profit :eek: 13quid ish
I went into blockbusters lunchtime and picked up bioshock (tin edition) and a free faceplate for £34.99 :clap:
My face play went for 15quid, so I am a happy bunny, game only cost me £20 now.

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