Cheapest Amp/Receiver with at least HDMI 2->1


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After full house renovation I'll have 6 displays spread around the house. The Cinema Room with the Projector whill have the most sources. ie. SKYHD Feed,Bluray3D player,PS3,Xbox360,Wii, XBMC media streamer. Obviously this room demands the best audio so will get an uber amp to enable all this.

3 of the rooms will make do with PCM2.0 via the TV's own speakers.

However another 2 of the rooms while not going to the same expense of the main cinema room are crying out for decent audio without breaking the bank.

These 2 rooms will have a SkyHD feed and an XBMC media streamer for archived music and video. Is there any decent cheap amps/receivers that have at least 2 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output to the display. SKyHD feed audio would be PCM2.0 over HDMI and XBMC streamer would be Multichannel audio(though 2.0 is not a deal breaker) over HDMI.

Doesn't need to be a kick ass amp. I just want a bit more oomp than the TV speakers and for music in that room via the XBMC to sound half decent.

On a side note. Can anyone recommend a decent 5.1 sub sat speaker set. Doesn't need to be mindblowing but would prefer some small nice wood grain effect satellites rather than black/grey/silver, cubes or egg type sats.

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