cheapest 4K Atmos Media player


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I am new to all this, but i think i know what i would like but no knowledge on the matter.
I want to make backups of 4k Blu Rays with Atmos sound. I will be ripping them on to a 4/6TB external hard disk (using MKV format or ISO whichever holds the lossless audio track).
I want to watch the movies on the TV but don't want to stream from my PC.
What is the cheapest reliable device i can use to watch these movies with no issues ?
Thanks for your help.


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Vero 4K+ or a Nvidia Shield (running Kodi).


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With regards to the Nvidia shield would it be the Shield TV ?

Yes, but I think only the Pro model has USB ports for an external hard drive.

If you just need a rock solid Kodi box then the Vero 4K+ is all you need. But if you also want run Netflix/Amazon etc. alongside Kodi then the Shield has the edge in that regard.

dion 6

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If you are just ripping movies to MKV or ISO I would also recommend a Vero4K + I've been using a Vero4K for 3 years now its rock solid


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Zidoo Media players with Dolby Vision VS10 playback
internal or external hard drives / usb 3.0 etc etc ........
Prob one of the Best Home Cinema Movie Wall going .😎😎

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