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Cheapest 3D amp worth having?


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Hey guys

I've been ticking along nicely with an Onkyo 605 as a 2.0 receiver (I know, a waste of a 7.1 receiver, but I've not had the room to be worthwhile adding more speakers).

It's done the job perfectly, however, I've just bought a new 3D TV, plus I need a few more HDMI inputs (The 605 only having two, it can't quite keep up with my living room)

I don't have a lot to spare after the expensive TV, so I'm trying to keep the budget down.

I'm looking for an AV Receiver with
  • Minimum 3, preferably 4+, HDMI inputs
  • 5.1 sound output (wouldn't complain at 7.1, but considering I'm running 2.0 atm, I probably won't need 7 speakers for a while)
  • 3D capable
  • Toslink (optical) in

And I'd love it if I had Airplay. My Raspberry Pi can do it, but it's a little fiddly, so if the amp could do it, that'd be incredible.

I've found the PIONEER VSX422K for £190, but have no idea if it's any good. It has 3D, 4 HDMI and 5.1

Or the
PIONEER VSX1122 for £299
3D, AirPlay, 7.2, AirPlay, an iPod dock and DLNA... which seems overkill.

So basically: can I get anything between the two, and are those amps worth having?

They'll be powering 2x Wharfedale 9.1s to start with, and I'll probably add another 2, a SW150 and a comparable centre speaker. Inputs will be xbox, blu-ray and/or HTPC, Raspberry Pi, Sky box and occasionally laptop. Video output is an LG 47LM760T


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I'd suggest receivers of a comparable level to your current Onkyo. Such receivers would be either the Onkyo TXNR616, Yamaha RXV673, Denon AVR2113, Sony STRDN1030 ot the Pioneer VSX922. Of these then I'd rated the Yamaha as being the best on other, but the Denon is probably better value for money if on a budget.


I'd suggest you forget the Wharfdale Diamond 9s, you''ll never manage to get a matching centre for them.
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The 9.1s are pretty much stuck, as I can't afford to replace them and get a new amp+centre.

Budget is looking at about £250 for the amp, so the TXNR616 etc are out, unfortunately :(

So is that Pioneer no good? I could stretch to £300 for it, but I can't afford much more than that right now, so it might be a case of holding off on the upgrade.

The only alternative is to stick with my 605 and hook the 3D sources directly into the TV, with either the source or TV outputting to the amp via Optical - but one thing I love about my current setup is that I can switch sources back and forth with one button, whereas I'd have to swap it on the TV for video and the amp for sound. It'd save a fair chunk of money, though, and I can survive it until I can afford an amp that can do everything I want.


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If willing to forgo the possibility of 7.1 then maybe also look at the Denon AVR1713? There's also the Onkyo TXNR515. I'd personally not go with the Pioneer option.

I'd suggest designating you 2 Diamond 9s to the rear and looking at putting something different across the front when you get around to it.
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The Eggman72

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Or another option is if your happy with your 605 buy a bluray player with dual hdmi output..feed one to the tv for the 3d side and one feeding just the hd audio to the amp.. ;)..imo the Pioneer wont be much (if any) of an upgrade more of a sidestep....


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Thanks guys, excellent thinking with putting the 9.1s at the back, I hadn't thought of that... if I'm getting 2 rears and a centre anyway, I may as well just shuffle the 9.1s and get 3 which match.

I'm not too bothered about upgrading the sound quality - a sidestep would be perfectly acceptable: the 605 does everything I want apart from 3D and having more HDMI. That TXNR515 looks good for incremental upgrades. The Denon set would be ideal (I could demote the 9.1s/Onkyo to being PC speakers for music, or in the back room) but I can't really afford £600 all in one go. I may look for that amp separately, though, as it seems to do everything I want. I can then add/upgrade speakers separately later.

Cheers guys, I'll add those to my options lists.

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