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I am currently looking to buy an 28" IDTV (either Sony or Panasonic) and was wondering why they seem to be so much cheaper on t'internet. Are they imported from abroad (as both models above are made here), or are they imperfect/damaged??
The difference in price is amazing!
Your thoughts/knowledge please:smashin:


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The reason is simply due to lower overheads. The products are factory sealed and pefect (unless stated otherwise).

Most firms are selling UK sourced stock. However, there are a small number of firms that sell 'grey import' products. This means, for instance, that they have bought their stock from Sony Belgium - as opposed to Sony UK. Whilst the products will work in this country, they maybe ever so slightly different in spec and could come with a foreign user manual.

I've been quite happy purchasing many products via the internet; dvd, amp, speakers, etc. But, I would never buy a large screen tv this way. It can be so difficult to get redress if things go wrong - and a tv is awkward and costly to return.

I've learnt my lesson.



If you have a look at little deeper through this forum you'll see plenty of discussion regarding pricematching (particularly with branches of John Lewis). Normally, of course, their pricematch does not extend to matching internet 'shops' but if that 'internet shop' does actually have a high street outlet (somewhere, anywhere!) then they can be asked to pricematch. The advantage of buying from the likes of JL is their 5 year guarantee and their customer service will likely be better than anything you can expect from an internet retailer (provide you live somewhere near the branch you're buying from of course!)

A forum search for 'pricematch' should provide you with some useful info on getting the lowest price possible for the tv you're after

An alternative way in which to purchase

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