cheaper plasma + scaler or more expensive plasma + no scaler?


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Hi, I'm interested in what would be better for freeview (thomson DHD-4000) and DVDs (denon 1910) buying a plasma around £2000 in value or buying a plasma around £1300 and then a scaler, something like a iScan. I know there must be a lot of variables in this but I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this.
the higher the res of the plasma the more it will benifit from a scaler. £1300 plasma's would certainly be 852x480. panasonic do a higher res panel but it is around £2500.


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I thought that would be the case yet hoping it wasn't. I never plan on getting sky - I'll just stick with freeview - how long will it be until freeview goes HD and if its a long time would a lower res plasma plus scaler be better than a high res plasma and no scaler?



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I'm a Sky man rather than a Freeview bloke so perhaps not qualified to answer you. But..both deliver the same sort of input..give or take. The right scaler (bias admitted here, I am a Lumagen dealer) gives a substantial improvement to the PQ.

HD is coming but no sign yet of it on terrestrial - Sky only at the moment and at what cost?? I have Euro 1080 (aka HD-1) here and it is sensational sometimes, depending on source material, some is brilliant, some less so. The programming is dire - treat it as a demo channel and it is great, but not a channel to watch for your evening entertainment.

A scaler is your answer, much improved PQ with existing sources and wait until the HD "revolution" turns into reality.


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As someone who has owned a PW6, a PHD7 and a Lumagen HDP, the best picture quality was obtained by a PHD7 without a scaler rather than a PW6 + a scaler.

My advice: buy the PHD first. Then upgrade by adding a scaler. Be sure to get a demo of the scaler prior to buying in order that you are able to assess whether it is worth it. The PHD is a FAR better display than the PW!


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