Cheaper Onkyo Amp has double LFE/oomph to expensive Yamaha


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I recently bought a Yamaha RX-V1067 Amp to replace my Onkyo 608 as I need two HDMI outs. After installing the Yamaha Amp and watching a few movies I was really underwhelmed by its sound and felt it had no oomph compared to my Onkyo. I’m not a big bass lover, (can’t be with kids sleeping upstairs) but liked to be engaged into a film.

I called Yamaha Support and mentioned my subwoofer was nearly inaudible and my dealer replaced the Amp. The next Amp was the same, so Yamaha Support asked me to try it with only the subwoofer connected and no other speakers and all Amp speaker levels set to 0, speaker size set to small and all effects turned off. I did this and could hear the sub rumbling, so Yamaha said the Amp is OK.

I still wasn’t happy so decided to use the Decibel meter on my iPhone (not conclusive I know) to measure a piece of film with the Yamaha Amp at a volume of 25db. I used an explosion at 8 min40sec into Saving Private Ryan. I then connected the Onkyo 608 to my sub and HDMI only and watched the sound meter on the same 10 seconds of film, here are the results.

• Yamaha max Subwoofer sound measured 55db
• Onkyo max Subwoofer sound measured 70db

This reconfirmed what my ears were telling me, and is even more alarming when the decibel meter read 40dB as the ambient noise in the room when the Amp is turned off, meaning the Onkyo is actually 15db louder, making it twice as loud as the Yamaha. I then set the Yamaha sub level to its max of +10db, measured the sound with the same piece film and got a max of 65db, still not as loud as the Onkyo when the Onkyo Sub level is set to 0.

The Yamaha 1067 is twice the price of a Onkyo 608 and supposed to offer a more subtle, sophisticated sound. However my ears can’t hear any additional quality and my amateur tests show it be much less powerful and engaging.

I'd be keen to hear other people’s experience comparing Yamaha with Onkyo Amp's and whether people think I received a faulty batch, or should accept Yamaha’s are quieter than Onkyo’s?


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There's something not right here, but I can't put my finger on it from what you're saying.

Did you use the sound meter to check that the overall sound level on both amps (not just the sub levels) was the same or did you just use the readings on the amps?

I suspect the latter, and that's meaningless. The numbers on the amp don't necessarily indicate anything.
This has to be a setup issue if not, imo.

And I'm not sure, but doesn't the Onkyo have some sort of fancy "bass boost" type of setting?

I'd re-run the setup on the Yam just to check that's not the problem.
If it's still too low after that, just increase the sub's volume.

I'd take the Yam over the Onkyo any day and doubt there's a faulty batch or the Yam's quieter.
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Was this with or without an auto set-up on both receivers? Audyssey has a tendency to set the sub too loud, so it could be this. Either that or there's something in the set-up of the Yamaha that's not quite right.


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There's nothing to categorically say that the Yamaha has any kind of an issue with bass. The Onkyo's bass could just as well be overblown in comparison. As already stated, the subwoofer output should be equal to that of your other speakers so it is a pointless exercise to compare the two amps without actually knowing the SPL levels. There's ultimately nothing stopping you from increasing the subwoofers output level if you really want more bass, but I've a feeling the Yamaha is the amp outputting the correct bass in relation to movies and not the Onkyo? I'd suggest you use an SPL meter to check the speaker and subwoofer levels. You can easily match the same output of the Yamaha to that of the Onkyo, you need only adjust the levels or turn the volume up. But why bother if the Yamaha is the amp that has the correct levels to begin with? If you have no idea which of the two amps is correctly or incorrectly calibrated then you can't pass judgement and you can only ascertain this by taking SPL readings of the sub's output, ensuring it is equal to that of your other speakers and then adjusting it accordingly if so required.

If all else fails, maybe consider painting the number 11 on the volume dial? THis worked for Spinal Tap :D
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Don't know if it will make much difference but the Yamaha uses 1v Pre Amp output including the sub.

Noticed going back to a yamaha a while back from an Onkyo that I did have to turn up the sub a bit.


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I returned a 767 because the bass just felt less powerful than the onkyo.

I tried the following turned power knob below half then after audessey turned it back to half. Turned crossover to 100. All speakers to small.

This improved the bass but it still did lack the impact of an Onkyo. :(.?

Yamaha sound is different to onkyo

Good luck.!

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