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Hi all, Is there really much difference between a $100 DVD player and a $1000 DVD player ?? I know some of the more pricey players come with DVI out but surely there is only so much you can do with a SD disk. Im not trying to start a debate like the speaker wire ones Im just wondering if its worth the extra bucks ?????


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Well I've currently got the Oppo DV971H which cost me approx £160 and the picture is as good if not better than anything I've owned before (and I've had my fair share of dvd players including ones that retail at £800 or £1000). When using the digital (DVI/HDMI) output it's a much more level playing field as there are no digital to analogue conversions involved so if you're using such a connection I personally don't think it's worth spending the extra as the benefits aren't worth the extra cost. With HD DVD around the corner I don't think it's worth spending too much on an SD Dvd player anyway, save the money and put it towards a HD player/HD Sky box/Xbox 360!



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ok, from the digital point of view, just because its digital doesnt mean it doesnt get processed, it just isnt being converted to analogue. the DVD player still processes the info being sent out of the DVI/HDMI port to a degree, hence the fact some players offer options to alter the black level etc...
so its possible to get a better picture from a more expensive player, however this probably wont be so noticable unless you are using a very large screen, then it may play a difference....

obviously for analogue outputs the more expensive a player usually the better the picture, but again its more obvious on a better display.....

for me the biggest difference is in the sound though, the more expensive the player the better the sound quality.....and thats what i actually get more of a kick out of, i think somewhere its listed that around 80% or so of your brainpower is dedicated to what you see when watching a film, but i get so much pleasure out of sound i reckon my brain is tuned more on a 50/50

the only other thing is that technology filters down, todays £150 players are using stuff from 2 years ago's £600 players in a lot of cases.......
the only thing i would avoid is a player thats too cheap (under £40), they break down regularly, often have a greenish tint to the image.....useful to buy if your a student or on very low income, not useful if you are a hifi/av nut...heh

If you will have the display to do HD resolution then wait for a HD player, if your display doesnt do HD resolution, then grab a DVD player now, demo a few at different prices and see what you think yourself...


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Agreed I swapped my old pioneer 444 for a denon 3910 and the sound is so much better (as is the pic) I don't use the Denon as a CD player though as I have a really good CD player for that

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