Cheap Turntable to play 33,45,78's


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My father wants a turntable that plays all speeds. I've only found the Numark PT01 at £65 at Does anyone know anything about this -
will it connect to his HIFI amp ok ?
An AC Adaptor is supplied is this a concern ?
Any alternatives for under £90 ?

All ideas welcome



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OK perhaps a tadge over your budget, but you could maybe consider the Pro-Ject Debut Mk3. £119 pound, quite a nice deck, and can be adapted to play 78's as well (although yes does cost more). However this one will require you to have an amp with a phono stage or an external phono stage to sit between the deck and your amp. The latter start at £20 ish for a cheap and cheerful one.

That said a quick gander at the specs to the Numark PT01 and it looks like its a all in one box, that'll do all you want, so you wouldn't need anything else at all. Although it does make me wonder just how good it is, for them to have reached that price point...


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