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bought a hd200x today and i didnt notice that it had no speakers until i tried it. Whats a cheap and effective way to get sound from a hdmi splitter. It will only be to get me started till iv saved for a decent amp.

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projector was going to be used through a ps3 which packed in last week so it may be going through a blueray player. Am i right in thinking i have to split the hdmi out so one goes to the projector from the source and the other will goto the sound device or if i get one with am optical lead on it can i just use one hdmi to the projector and then an optical lead to the sound device. Im new to this home cinema setups so please go easy on me, lol.

Cheers, Dave

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Hey you could get a turtle beach dss proessor. you could probably pick one up for 40 new.
It will use the optical link. If connected to headphones gives you a 7.1 dolby digital signal which recreates 7.1 through headphones .It's great for films and games. On cod mw3 useful for direction of enemies.
Also great if connect to 2.1 speakers. I use iphone docks(good quality bought cheap)and the are great if handles bass.
Good thing about ps3 isif you select audio to optical out and select dolby digital, it will change dts and others into a dolby digital signal for the dss.
The dss also has a digital bypass and dolby prologic ii option.
It can also take an analogue signal.
I am really happy with my turtle beach setup.
Great with headphone option for late nights.
Very enjoyable for price.


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Naturally if you want speakers, and you use PS3 as a source,
find a used stereo set, almost any will do, as long as it has RCA input.
And use the analog output cable provided with PS3 to get the signal to your amp/speaker set-up.
Used old stereos can be had for very little money.

Or get these amplified PC-speakers, that are available everywhere for 10-20 pounds.
And connect with same analogcable. using RCA-3,5mm adapter from Maplin fir example.
Not the best solution ofcourse, but will give you some sound.And cheap.
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Get some harmon kardon soundsticks 3 if want great sound and bass. Have heard of new ones going for 50 quid. Itamtam goes for about 70. Ladybug 2 and mantis are good iPod dock speakers. Sub 30 for 140 speaker if you look around . However they have reverb on bass which calms down after a while. Some reasonable cheap speakers. Better these than a cheap 7.1 system which sounds tinny.

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