Cheap Remote Control :)


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Well I think I've found the cheapest way to remote control your HTPC :D

First off, either make or buy this IR receiver (to buy is only £8 delivered :eek: ) Get it here

I bought one as the parts alone would have cost more :)

Then use WinLIRC to learn the remote codes and then Girder to assign the codes to do things :)

Of course you'll need an old remote control that you're not using for anything else but then you're set :)

Hope this is helpful for people who are on a tight budget :)



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Oh man, you're having a laugh :rolleyes:

I couldn't find that for less than £23 when I was looking, thats why :(

Good find though :smashin:


Peter Parker

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A friend made one of those via some info on the Girder site, so I did the same. It doesn't cost much to build, and for them to charge £8 is great value - it's the time it takes to build them that would normaly bump up the price so they're not getting much in return for their time IMHO.

I found that 19ft was about the max length of cable you could use if you wanted to run the sensor away from the pc (mine is behind me, but the sensor is in front).

The remote from Konrads looks great value too - I've never used one, so would I be able to use this to operate PowerDVD and can it work with Girder?


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