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Cheap PSU Moddin' Tip

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by CENSORED, Oct 13, 2003.



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    PSU looms always look a bit tatty unless you use spiral wrap or split tubing but here's a dead cheap mod for anyone running UV gear. Nip round to Morrisons (might be a tad difficult for Southerners) and get a pack or two of their nice bendy day-glo straws. They don't label them as day-glo but if you're into UV you'll spot 'em a mile off. They cost 79p and come as a pack of four in red (pink?), orange, yellow and green, but the green isn't too bright under UV.

    OK, cut the straight ends off and use a Stanley to split the corrugated section from end to end. Snap it round your PSU looms (might need a couple of straws depending on the length of your looms) and voila! Nice tidy wiring that looks the business under UV. The straws are made of fairly thick plastic (we are not talking McDonald's here) and hold their shape very well to keep the wiring held firmly inside. If you need more than one straw on a loom just tuck one end inside the other for about three corrugations and if necessary secure with a small coloured cable tie.

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