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Jessops are doing a 70 inch PJ screen on a tripod for £69.99. The same screen as wall mounted is £119.90.

Right here comes the stupid question....

Is it not possible to hack the screen off the tripod and wall mount it perhaps using pipe clamps or something.

Okay, i realise that the screen would need to be 'hooked' open but hasn't anyone done this for a 'cheap' screen solution?

Cheers peeps,


Peter Parker

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If you want to make something cheap with a gain of around unity, then make a wooden frame and stretch 'blackout' cloth over it, and staple it to the back of the frame.

An 84 inch wide 16:9 screen cost me £28 to make all in. I've some pics of it on my web-site. Blackout cloth can be bought from most curtain shops and is white cloth one side, and an off-white vinyl the other.

Alternatively, you could make a frame and stretch/staple the Jessops screen material over it.




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Cheers for the reply Gary,

I would go down this route but as my home cinema is set up in my lounge, I really do need a screen that can be put away. The only option for me is a retractable wall mounted screen.

I have been looking into white blackout blinds. I've found one for £41 (180cm x 177cm). Not sure if this would be okay.

Other than that, I may be getting offered a new (cosmetic damage) wall mounted screen for £90.

God it's frustrating when your trying to get something acceptable and don't really have the spondoolies to spend over £100 on a screen.

Thing is, I only spent £375 on my PJ, which is great.

Oh well, watch this space....


richard plumb

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I have my blackout cloth, and some black material for frame cladding, but need to buy some wood now.

What sizes are recommended for thickness - eg, 1x2" etc?

Also, is 2400mm the longest you can get?

How heavy would this screen be? I'd need to prop it or hang it over the mantlepiece when used, but it will be wider than the chimney breast, so it'll need to come down for storage when not in use. Will it be too heavy to easily put up and take down (and walk upstairs for storage when not being used)?


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Hi Richard Plumb,

I've got a homemade screen made with a frame and blackout lining.

The frame is made from 2 x 1, with triangular "gussets" (ooeerr)
made from 6mm MDF at the corners - the triangles are glued and pinned to the back of the frame at the corners. I also braced the frame by adding two pieces at the back - this prevents the frame from warping under the tension of the material and also holds the screen out from the wall and gives the floating effect. The Black border is added by putting an extra frame over the front of the screen. 2x1s are fine for the job - its light, but once its on the wall its not going to get knocked around.

2400mm is generally the longest length you'll get from the likes of B&Q, but you can get 14' or 16' lengths from proper timber merchants or builders suppliers. Very long lengths are likely to have some degree of warp in them so watch out.


You might find this useful:

It is a simpler route than the one I followed, and illustrates the process well.

End edit.

Good luck,

Sean G.

richard plumb

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cheers, Sean.

Does the bracing distort the screen material at all? A friend was suggesting using bracing across the middle to help prevent warping, but I was concerned it'd create bulges in the fabric.

I'd plan on using metal brackets to strenghten the corners.

Do you move yours around? I imagine an 8'x5' panel isn't very easy to take upstairs when I'm done with it... but its reasssuring that it isn't heavy.


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I used that link TheRitz posted as the main source for my screen. Mine is permanently on the all, ans I used 4"x1" timbers with metal corner brackets to keep it together. It was a little flexible until it went up on the wall, so if it's going to be moved about, then I'd suggest perhaps some sheets of hardboard fixed on the back perhaps? Avoid any "ridges" poking through.
See the link in my sig for piccys.

Richard Plumb - you can get timber up to 4m long or so - you need to go to a timber merchant rather than B&Q - have a look in the yellow pages, or look out for a Jewsons or Travis Perkins. A proper timber merchant will cut to size for you too, though they'll probably not do mitres.



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hi richard plumb,

I braced the frame with the triangular gussets, and with bracing pieces ( two pieces of 2x1 the same size as the sides of the screen, but screwed and glued a third of the way in on each side as shown in the attached bmp - just a quick sketch. (I've just seen how small it needs to be to get by as an attachment - sorry mates)

This helped the frame to resist the pull of the material as it was stretched.

It doesn't have great torsional rigidity - but it only needs to hand on the wall. This type of design is not really intended for moving about the house at will - apart from sheer size, you're just as likely to whack it off something sharp and get it torn.

See ya,

Sean G.


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Sorry about that - will try something better later.

Sean G.

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