Cheap Pay as u go?

Drew C

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Anybody know where I can get a cheap pay as u go mobile on orange?
My folks got a small siemens for £35.JUst wondered if there were any offers like this anywhere


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shop around the high street, if you have an orange sim ask about upgrades as this may get you some discount


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richard plumb

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lovely nokia 3100 available most places for £60 PAYG. Basically the same as the 7250 but without the camera (you can attach a camera thingy if you like)

surprisingly cheap (considering the black and white 3410 is still £50), and I might pick one up for the missus - assuming I can dump the sim and put her current one in?

Drew C

Active Member
Thanks for the replies fellas.
I think a nokia for £60 is pretty good, although if anybody wants a phone without fancy features or just for emergencies, then you cant go wrong with a siemens for £30.

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