Cheap pass through amp?


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I have so many connections going to my tv, it all looks a little messy even with trunking.

I was wondering whether there had been any new models of av receivers out there that offer pass through function so the amp doesnt need to be on for the sound to be heard on standard 2 channel sound?


my current list of items connected to tv are:


Id like to use component for the Wii to get the best picture poss, and can use hdmi with the 360 as its a newer elite model.

I just think it would be nice just to be able to run one hdmi to the plasma (Panasonic TZ5080)



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AV Receivers do not have SCART connections so you would need to connect the DVD recorder directly to the TV. Are there any other connections on it? Unfortunately if it doesn't have component video out (green/red/blue) you might be stuck as s-video connections are disappearing and composite video (yellow) is crap. You can convert RGB SCART to component video using a suitable converter. LINK. When you look at the price though, you might be better off buying an HDMI model!

Most, if not all AV receivers offer HDMI passthrough in standby. Note that is HDMI. To be honest though, I have never understood why anyone would choose an AV receiver on that basis or why you would want to use the crappy TV speakers after investing in an AV receiver and speakers. They have volume controls, so just turn it down or engage one of the Night modes that are available.

So you need an AV receiver with HDMI passthrough, 3 x HDMI inputs (minimum), 2 component video inputs, 2 digital audio inputs and video conversion. In terms of inputs, it rules out Denon as they're stingy with the number of inputs these days.

Pioneer VSX-921, Onkyo TX-NR609 would do the job.

You didn't mention a budget though.


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No receiver will do upconversion in standby they are designed to be connected to speakers. They will only route HDMI through in standby mode for which you should buy a hdmi switch.

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