cheap Pal progressive or decent interlaced?


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Just discovered the forum, fantastic wealth of knowledge!

Upgrading my setup to projector from 28" widescreen, previously using the play-anything pioneer 525 player. I am looking at changing this, ideally want Pal Progressive, and need to be able to play DVD-R/RW and Hybrids(variable resolution and Bitrate) but no one in any dealer seems to be able to give me objective advice. My Budget is probably around £500, I know the HK 25 (has popularity judging from forum) will do PAL progressive, but what is the quality of the scaler like? Will it be better than using say a decent player like the Pioneer 747 (i have been offered this for £400!) through component and not worry about the progressive scan or does the progressive scan make so much difference that it is worth going for it, whatever player supports it even if it is a cheapie (cyberhome/mico)

Furthermore I see you can get a DIY PAL progressive upgrade from Techtronics for the 747, does anyone have experience of this?

Sorry for long post but need some help from people that know



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Dont forget the new Philips 963 for pal progressive,should be under £400, see other thread on this player.
I run a Toshiba sd-510 which only does progressive NTSC :( the differance in picture quality from interlaced to progressive on my Panasonic AE100 projector makes quite a differance. I need progressive pal now :mad:
If you go for a projector with its own quality de-interlacer you may not need a progressive player, what projector are you going for?

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hi sorry to but in but this is just where i am at the moment. any help would be great i am running a sony 12 projector with an old pioneer 505 dvd on s vhs leads i am looking at uping the dvd to pro scan pal and ntsc what ones do for sure do pal. i think the pj has a fair delacer in it not sure as all this is new to me some say that just running component would better it?


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Thanks for the advice, sounds like it is worth going for. I am going for a panasonic AE100, seems to be a good entry point. Anyone have evidence of the hk25 in pal progressive?
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