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Hi Everyone,

My 4 year Samsung h6670 has just died on me and so I'm looking for a replacement.

Wasn't planning on a upgrade so my budget is limited.

Would love to be able to afford a Sony with decent HDR but the wife isnt letting me go that high.

So I was wondering would it better for me to go cheap at the moment? say a Philips 6272? And look at upgrading in a few years when HDR sets are a bit cheaper. Will I be disappointed by the picture/motion handling?

Or should I go to the top of my Budget and get the Samsung MU7000, which I know isn't good at HDR, but overall the picture will be better.

Main usage normally shows on Netflix and Amazon, and then occasional Football when its on terrestrial TV.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Did you buy your Samsung with the 5-6 year warranty stores are offering with purchases now? It's a very good TV and may even be worth repairing, they generally do not make TVs at that price range as good as that now. I don't know the nature of your fault but sometimes its relatively easy to seek a repair and cost effective too. I fixed my old Samsung installing a £50 motherboard from eBay..but of course there are professionals who offer TV repair also.

If you are looking to upgrade you will have to go for the MU7000 at 55" to not get a downgrade in motion performance. However a requirement to take advantage of the better motion on a 120hz TV (similar to your H6670) is to use motion enhancements in the TVs settings.

If you never used these, then you will likely be happy with a cheaper TV with only a 60hz panel instead. See: My best value TVs, 2017 Edition for my recommendations.


say a Philips 6272?

I personally wouldn't buy a Phillips nowadays, they are built by TP Vision.

They are not great with build quality, a lot of customer services issues when things go wrong.

If you take at the owners thread you will see the many people who have complained on here.

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