Cheap operating system available?


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I am in the process of upgrading my creaking pentium 2 350mhz system, so far I have purchased a new case, a MSI 648 Max mobo (sis 648 chipset), a pentium 4 2.4Ghz and a geforce 4200 Ti graphics card. I have swapped my 20 Gb hard drive from my old (to be binned) PC and have done a clean boot, but I have only Windows 98 (not SE) and my motherboard needs 98 SE minimum to run the bundled software. ALthough it runs OK I do get an error message during boot (something about NDIS windows protection error), so its looks like I need a more up to date operating system. Does anyone know where I can purchase a cheap (but legal of course) operating system like XP?

On the AVS forum they are talking about purchasing Win XP Pro for $39, any deals like this available in the UK. I would like an OS that will run from a clean boot, i.e. not an "upgrade" disk.

Thanks in anticipation.




The cheapest I've seen XP for was about £70. from scan. Not sure if this is cheap enough for ya :D


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...Shame you didn'y buy it when getting the new mobo - most places insist you buy something like an internal modem to quailify for buying the OEM.
If you or any of your family are in eductaion - student or teacher - then you would qualify for an educational licence - I think they only do XPPro, and it MIGHT only be an upgrade from 2000/NT - you'll have to look around. I think listed some ed. licences.

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