Cheap Online Dealer that devlivers 963SA in EU


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I'm going to be buying the Philips 963SA DVD player but even if I could find it in Denmark the prices are so high here anyway. So I thought about buying it online from within Europe.

I found some German sites that sell this for about 385EU but none of them accept credit card and since money transfers to Germany are expensive as hell that is out of the question. Anyone knows of any online shops that sell the 963 at about 200-300£, accept credit card and deliver to countries within Europe?

Thanks a bunch!


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I bought mine from a company in The Netherlands called Soundform - excellent company to deal with and it came within 3 days.

Cost me about £320 back in November 2002. They accept credit cards via Paypal.


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My friend Kamikaze, I believe that it's not worth buying the 963SA now, since Philips has stopped its production, and the prices are still high.
I think you should wait till the brand-new Philips DVP729SA arrives.

It plays DVD-Video, SACD, MPEG-4, Divx, SVCD. JPEG, MP3 it has VideoDAC at 12bit/108MHz, Progressive Scan PAL/NTSC and component output, built in DolbtDigital and Dolby Prologic II decoders and comes for less than 200 Euros in www.Bestekeus.nl

Take a look at it!. It also looks fantastic!!


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Well this comes as a surprise, I didn't know about the DVP729SA. I must admit that its specs are looking good but somehow I doubt that it is better than the 963SA. For one thing the price tag is a lot lower which leaves me to think that the quality of it's parts do not match the 963’s. Second the 12bit DAC is one bit less than the 13bit DAC of the 963SA, which could mean a lot or nothing depending on many things. Thirdly I would expect the successor of the 963SA to have a version number higher than 963, like 1063 or something like that, but the 729 has a lower version number. This might very well mean nothing but very often manufacturers put higher version numbers on the successors in a series.

I didn't know that Philips had stopped the production of 963SA but I had guessed it already since it was so hard to find a place that still sells it. All I want is the best DVD player my 300£ can get me now and so far my research has convinced me that the 963SA is the best. It has a DCDi deinterlacer by Faroudja which is very important for me, it has bass management, PAL and NTSC progressive, can be made region free pretty easily with a RC6 remote and it has good DAC.

If Philips has stopped producing the 963SA it might mean that they are getting ready to put out its successor. But honestly I don’t know if I want to bother waiting for such a thing since the 963SA already has everything I want.

But Perhaps I should start a new thread to see if the Philips 963SA truly is the best choice for me, just in case.
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