cheap off camera flash for Pen


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I have a Olympus E-PL1 at the moment and with the Edinburgh festival on now and the competition theme being "People!" I wanted to use a cheap of camera flash that would triggered with the in-built flash on the Pen camera.

Don't want to spend a lot but need something that can be set to wireless and take 4 AA batteries and be carried and used when needed........

If it can be done!

Anybody help...............??

This video was done using a cheap Kodak and a Nikon flash I think but you get the idea..
Zack Arias, Cheap Camera Challenge (Pro Tog, Cheap Cam) - YouTube

I want to spend as little as possible on the flashgun

Thx in advance :D



Check eBAy for a Yongnuo YN560-II - apparently this has two slave modes and should cost under £40 new :)


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Nissin Di466 work ok with M43? I have checked the we and that model has the 2nd slave mode meaning it would work with the Olympus E-PL1 on- board flash.

Seen one at a site called and if the right model it retails at £74

Anyone use Nissin flashguns? Feedback thx



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Never used one but the Di466 is quite popular as a cheaper and supposedly better alternative to the Olympus FL36 flashgun, its a goodun apparantly!


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Yeah the 4/3 fit will work fine.

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