Cheap Notebook PC?

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I've been looking constantly for a good 'value' notebook and I 'maybe' have found something.

Here is the unit in question -

So long as you have an OS to load onto it, you can get a Celeron 1.1 GHz unit for £645! No battery, but so what?

The link to the site is Anybody used them before or know much about them?

The unit info can be found at

I know it has limitations, ie graphics etc, but it's the price I'm looking at.

For a bit more there are Athlon 1500+ models going and so on. However, the better the spec of the units, they don't appeal (to me) against the big name producers.

I am looking for some response to this good or bad as it's appealing to me and I'd like some opinions.



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Just a thought -

If you need to get a battery you can be looking at anything
up to £250 so the price then doesn't look that good.

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