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I've been looking constantly for a good 'value' notebook and I 'maybe' have found something. It may have it's uses as a HCPC.

Here is the unit in question -

So long as you have an OS to load onto it, you can get a Celeron 1.1 GHz unit for £645! No battery, but so what?

The link to the site is Anybody used them before or know much about them?

The unit info can be found at

I know it has limitations, ie graphics etc, but it's the price I'm looking at.

For a bit more there are Athlon 1500+ models going and so on. However, the better the spec of the units, they don't appeal (to me) against the big name producers.

I am looking for some response to this good or bad as it's appealing to me and I'd like some opinions.



Hey Guy,

It sounds ok..... but very limited in the hcpc sense...... graphics and sound are kinda major hurdles! If i was wanting a laptop hcpc, i would look out for something with the ati 7500 affair within, even then im sure it wont compete with a desktop.

Dabs have a fair few value pcs....... and ebay can also be a place for a steal....... there are plenty of people use a laptop for 6 months then upgrade.



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I used Novatech some time ago and they were'nt too bad. They are based down in Porchester, between Southampton and Portsmouth and were local to me at the time.I Went to the premises a few times and always got helpful good service. Though I could'nt comment on cs as I never had to take anything back..........

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