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Hi, i've recently bought a house, it needs the walls re-plastering and so im thinking of putting in a multi room audio system. Due to me being a bit skint (all my money went on the house!) I need to keep the costs down, I've found this speaker switch at Maplin that seems to do what i want:

Im a little worried about it overloading my amp (pioneer 2016 av amp) does anyone know if it would be ok? It seems to suggest that it presents a 4ohm load however many speakers are connected so i guess it sould be ok?

Also what speakers do people recomend, i've been looking at Kef in ceiling speakers for the front room 5.1 setup, will they sound ok up there for a surround setup?

For the other 2 rooms it will be stereo only, and i was thinking that car audio speakers could do a decent job? They work on the same princible as ceiling speakers as they require no box, but you can get a decent pair for £80 much cheaper than the £300 a pair Kef's. They will only be used for background music and parties, Am I mad to consider them?

Lastly can anyone recomend a pair of outdoor speakers for around £100 - £150?

Sorry for all the questions, Darren.

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