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I posted this earlier in the wrong section of the forum by mistake so I figured I would post it here.
I hope that is ok.

I would like some advice on speaker cables please.
I know its been asked many times and I have read many of the threads (for 2 days now) about them but I am still unsure.

I have come to the conclusion that I will be buying Van Damme 1.5 Blue speaker cable for my fronts because its cheaper and I figure 2.5mm will be overkill for 2m (max) length speaker cable, right?

What I need help with is picking cable for my surrounds which will have lengths of 10-15m each because I can not afford Van Damme blue cable.

I have read that some people use cheap ebay cables but others say it should be avoided. Same with electrosmart cables that have been recomended a bunch of times but have also been tested/measured to be bad and should be avoided. I almost bought the TLC cable that had a good reputation on here but that also is not recomended anymore because they changed supplier.

What other choices do I have? I do not want to spend much, £15 for 20-30m.

I know I am probably overlooking in to this but I want something I will not have to worry about and also not spend a fortune.

Do I need 2.5mm for 15m length cable and 8ohm speakers or can I get away with 1.3mm or 1.5mm??

I just bought a pack of Sewells Deadbolt banana plugs so that is taken care of.

Sorry to ask this question again, hope someone can help.
If you have nothing to compare with then you neednt worry spend what your budget allows, you can always add better quality cable later.


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Thank you for the response, I would like to just do it right and not have to worry about it ever again because I really hate buying twice.

I have found some IXOS XHS253 for £15 for 15m so I am going to buy 2 of these for the rears. I asume a company like IXOS wont be messing about if they say its OFC (or PC-OFC, whatever that is)so I wont have to worry about it being CCA.

For the fronts I am going for Van Damme 2.5mm.


I have another idea but I do not know if it is worth doing. My Denon 2310 has the possibility of using the SBL/R channels that I would be using if I had 7.1 to Bi-Amp the fronts.
I do not have the possibility for 7.1 so would it be wise to take advantage of this option and Bi-Amp my B&W 601s?
I see Fisual has some 2.5mm S-flex Bi-wire for £3.50 per meter.
The S-Flex has often been compared to Van Damme Blue series but with different casing, is this true?

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