Cheap live offers?

Anyone know of any cheap live offers (halo2,forza etc?) at the moment?
Anyone managed to get one of these from toys'r'us?


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Dont you get a one month free trial offer when you buy an xbox 360.

I got my 360 and just got a network adapter and i have a leaflet that came with the 360 that says 1 month trial offer free but cant seem to find a code for it.

Anyone help?

EDIT: Its ok. Ive found it :)

Anyone had any luck with toys r us?


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Toys R Us in lincoln had about 6 forza with 1 year live kits for 19.99, bought 1 myself as got my subscription reminder this morning, due beginning of September. Code works fine.:thumbsup:


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Just got my Forza pack from ToysRus in Livingston...

It was priced at £29.99 but scanned through the til as £19.99. Well chuffed.

They also had the Xbox Fifa with live membership included for £29.99 but don`t know if this would be scanned through as £19.99 or not.


Do these packs with xbox games (i.e.not 360) actually let you sign up for 12 months on the 360?? and do the communicators work with the 360? Or are they just for the original xbox?
The codes do work with the 360 and the headsets also do, but without the volume and mute controls working.

Get more than one and stack them too so you can have the next 2 or 3 years sorted! ;)
quarryfied said:
Do these packs with xbox games (i.e.not 360) actually let you sign up for 12 months on the 360?? and do the communicators work with the 360? Or are they just for the original xbox?

they work perfectly...just add the code to the 360 and off it goes! instant.

Alot of these are popping up on ebay now so if you dont have a toys r us you may be able to get one online


Jamiewalshe said:
yeah but you dont know what microsoft are going to do about subs charges,. if the ps3 equiv of live is free i can imagine hte xbox's will be as well :)
It won't be without adverts or some way to subsidise it. They wouldn't keep selling them otherwise, they'd have hundreds of thousands of annoyed people.

Live is so much better than the PS2's online service, I don't expect the PS3's to be on a par with Xbox Live personally, it's certainly worth the money.

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isolie said:
hi i got forza pack from toys r us in portsmouth thay had at least 3 left there

Just being sure here , this isn't just the Forza game but a special pack with the Live subscription as well?

I've seen Forza in Amazon but no mention of a pack or included sub.


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yes its the game a headset and 12 months live subs aswell
in toy r us they had the game for 9.99
and the pack at the other end of the display tucked away at the bottom for 19.99
i think its just old stock they look like the only one who still has it

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Got Forza in Toy'r'Us Dundee yesterday , they had a few packs left with the Live sub included. Also had Halo 2 "Live" pack for £29.99.

Got a 360 in Game and the whole thing worked very easily last night. :)


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same here..........
There were a couple left in Toys r us in Sheffield yesterday.......

Code works fine on 360, now subscription runs till 09/07!!

Anyone know the best place to trade in a duplicate brand new copy of forza??

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