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I'm being bothered by scan lines on my AE100, and I'm thinking of getting a line doubler. I use an RGB to YUV converter from an NTL cable box, and wondered if this:
might be suitable, rather than shelling out a monkey on an I-Scan or similar.
It takes component, and outputs to RGB through the VGA input.

Is this a dead cheap alternative to the standard solutions, or am I missing something?


Peter Parker

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That looks like a similar device to the Pro V, and info on the Pro V can be found here if you do a search - it might be better in some respects maybe.

A lot of people build a dedicated computer to do the scaling/deinterlacing using a Radeon graphics card (and with a sound card for 5.1).

You can build a bare bones htpc for around £250, but this is only good if you don't mind the inconvenience of a pc. Once set-up however, you should just be able to pop in a DVD and watch a movie. You'll need Powerstrip to generate the pixel perfect image size to match the AE100s 856 x 480 panel (IIRC).

Do a search here to find out more.




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The gizmo you linked to in your post is not a ProV, which is used by quite a few people here for converting dvd and tv to XGA feed for their projectors. Scancom do supply it (called XGA Theater) llink here

Do a search on ProV, as advised by Gary for lots of info/opinions on this.

Good luck,

Sean G.


Originally posted by berko_stan
I'm thinking of getting a line doubler
I always see double lines while driving home > 3am :eek:

Then again, I usually see 2 of everything at that time of the morning - must be drink related - well I am Irish after all :D

Merry Christmas/happy new year to both of 'ye ;)

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