Cheap Glass AV Wall Mounted Shelves?



As title but can't find anywhere to source them from, maybe you guys know of any places?
Good luck, I've also been looking for a similar solution. If you find any thing please post back with an update
Your best bet is to source the individual components yourself. The glass shelves can be ordered from any glazing company, make sure you order thick enough glass ie. 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and have all the edges polished and the glass is toughened. The brackets can be sourced from several companys but make sure they take your thickness of glass and the weight of each component, most brackets will give an indication of the maximum weight. If this is too much hassel there are one or two companys that supply wall mounted glass shelves but they are expensive!
Homebase do frosted glass shelves - can't remember if they do glass ones - I'm sure with 3 brackets they would be strong enough... any use?
Be very careful, most AV amps are built like brick s!%t h*&£es and the last thing you want is it all on the floor!
I'm going the Wingnut route with Vogel modular AV supports and toughened safety glass cut by my local merchant
AV supports

If you find something else, I'm keen to look :D
Sorry to dig up such an old thread but I am having the same problem… 4 years down the line! Thus the above link to Vogels' brackets no longer works. Is there any other alternative bracket for some custom-cut glass?

That is, unless a solution already exists?

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