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Originally posted by biggy7
anyone got any experience with these speakers?

I picked up a set at the weekend just out of curiosity. I will be testing them this week so watch this space. The speakers are pretty well put together and nicely finished. The fronts are mini floor standers with binding post/banana socket conections. The centre speaker is tiny but feels solid, the connections are spring terminals. The rear speakers are a twin cone Bi polar design with spring terminal connections. Speaker cable is included in the package.
If you need to know anymore please feel free to ask.

Cheers, Mylo


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I gave the speakers a quick test last night. I hooked them up in true budget fashion using mains cable. Cable is provided with the speakers but I left that in the box. I set the fronts to large on my reciever and all others to small.

The 'shoot out' scene after the bank job in Heat, with bullets whizzing about was pretty damn good especially for the price.
The bass was acceptable, definately better than TV speakers anyway. My normal speakers are 4 times the size though so I'm used to a bit more bass. Midrange was very respectable.
I suspect that with the fronts set to small and a sub added the results would be more than acceptable, for an entry level budget setup, for most users.

Cheers, Mylo:thumbsup:
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